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[MOD] Media Sharing 
Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 ( 12:01 )
当局者★mod → girugameshu
This is your friendly owner/maintainer, Alicia (kodokumousou), coming at you with a rename.

Due to the recent events, we have come to the decision that we need to revise our rules on sharing media.

Effective immediately, entries or comments containing the following type of media will be deleted on sight and the poster will be banned:

any music or video files ripped from the OHP or official myspace
→ mp3s/audio of any kind, whether ripped from a CD, PV file, etc.
→ full DVD rips
→ live recordings (professional or amateur)

We didn't really want it to come down to this, but Livejournal can, has, and will ban not only communities but personal accounts for not complying, and our priority is the safety of girugameshu versus the spread of media.

Furthermore, we want to avoid any further repercussions by taking a few extra precautions. For example, nearly all live-houses in Japan specifically prohibit recording shows, and record labels are very strict when it comes to media being taken from official websites, therefore we feel it's in the community's best interest to not promote the spread of those types of things.

This is not to say that we are banning everything, but as things are becoming more readily available to fans outside of Japan, we feel that it is necessary to have some restrictions on what is being freely shared.

We still welcome posts containing the following:

→ PVs / comment clips
→ Scans
links to the OHP/myspace when there has been an update with new music/video samples

As always, feel free to leave any comments (which will be screened), but be aware that we have thought long and hard about this and will not be changing our decision.
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